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Clean Energy Council Acreditted installer

Clean Energy Council Retailer:

The code of conduct is a voluntary scheme for retail businesses selling solar panel systems to households and businesses. It aims to lift the bar higher than the minimum requirements set by government and regulations and bring about a better standard of service within the solar industry. It is also the only solar industry code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The Clean Energy Council manages the code of conduct and ensures that signatories comply with its strict requirements at all times.

Solar Hot Water

Hot Water systems continue to be the major money saver.

Apricus and Rheem Hot Water at Lakes Solar

Lakes Solar offers the Rheem and Apricus brands.

Solar For Your Home

Lakes Solar is able to provide you with no obligation quotes on Solar Systems for domestic premises or commercial sites.

Bairnsdale Solar Installation by Lakes Solar

Lakes Solar is also able to provide answers for power conditioning and load balancing in industrial systems.

Solar Battery Storage

Multiple options are offered for battery storage system so you can optimise your benefits.

Fronius, Enphase, Sonnen Batteries at Lakes Solar

Three famous European brands to choose from with long term expertise in high current systems such as welding and batteries for fork lifts, for example.


LED lighting replaces energy and maintenance hungry incandescent and fluorescent lighting. The new LED systems produce high quality light for many more years and use a fraction of the power.

LED LIghting at Lakes Solar

Lakes Solar can facilitate LED lighting upgrades that qualify for VEECs.

Installer's accreditation: The Solar PV Accreditation Scheme covers stand-alone and grid-connected PV power supply systems, with endorsements for micro-hydro, small wind and hybrid systems. By choosing an accredited installer, customers can feel confident that they will receive a high quality, safe and reliable solar PV system. lakes Solar users these accredited installer exclusively and has been doing so before Retailer Accreditation.
Quotes and Site Assessment: Rob is available to visit your home (at no charge or obligation) and work out out what you can save by installing a Fronius Energy Package Solar System or an Enphase System. By entering some simple facts about your house energy use and the value of the system you are interested in the proven savings will be revealed to you, your $$$!!

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We can also help you get super competitive Green Loans from established Australian lenders tuned into the alternative energy scene and offer:
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