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Rob is a long standing local business identity with a strong reputation for good prices and reliable support. He can help you analyse your needs and plan your installations to best suit your requirements and your pocket. His contacts with qualified local tradesmen and suppliers means quality is assured and backup after purchase is excellent.

Lakes Solar provides internationally renowned Fronius or Enphase Solar Systems or domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Installed and serviced by local people; these cutting edge products will put your at the forefront of cost savings.

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We appreciate your interest in alternative energy products and look forward to helping you realise your cost saving measures.

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We can also help you get super competitive Green Loans from established Australian lenders tuned into the alternative energy scene and offer:

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Servicing Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale, Orbost, Lake Tyers Beach,
Breuthen, Metung, Paynesville, Nowa Nowa and their surrounding districts
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Contact: Rob Rawlings
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These are local installations that are already paying their way!

Lakes Solar Installation Lakes Solar Installation Lakes Solar Installation

Remember every kilo-Watt-hr generated that you use is worth the exact cost of buying it, however if you generate in excess of what you require, this energy can be sold back to your provider, but usually at a different price. Please contact Rob to discuss all aspects of your installation.