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Why Lakes Solar?  It is a local trusted name for solar installations. Lakes Solar is now an authorised dealership for Solahart, and brings nationally recognised products and service to our area. At Lakes Solar we believe in a world powered by solar energy. For this to occur renewable energy must be affordable, of the highest quality and easily accessible to home owners, businesses, schools and community groups. We only source products that have been successfully tested in our harsh Australian conditions.  This means we only install systems will last the test of time and best suit your long term needs.

Service beyond the Sale

Being passionate about renewable energy, Lakes Solar ensures you have the best - nothing less. We will listen carefully to your needs and recommend the best installation options to suit you.
Our extensive, obligation free, on-site analysis at your home or business, will provide you with the information to choose the best system to meet your needs.
At Lakes Solar we want every customer to maximise their savings, so we offer the best quality systems that last longer, perform better and save you more money in the long run.
We are contactable through telephone and email, and also provide a Feedback page for people to use as well.

Agreement, Lakes Solar, Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale

Superior Quality

At Lakes Solar we only sell and install the best modules, inverters, batteries and other products from the world's leading solar brands. A minimum 10 year warranty and 25 year performance guarantee accompanies all our grid connected solar panels.
With so many suppliers and manufacturers popping up and then maybe disappearing, the length of warranty can be misleading. A 25year warranty only works if the manufacturer stays solvent.  Lakes Solar only deals with Solahart who are here for the long haul.

Brands we trust:
Inverters: ABB, SMA, Solar Edge
Solar Panels: REC
Heat Pumps: MPi and MDi Series
Battery Systems:LG Chem RESU10H, Tesla Powerwall 2

CEC Accreditation

CEC Code of Conduct Signatory
Lakes Solar are proud to be a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer.
CEC approved Lakes Solar
The Solar PV Retail Code of conduct aims to enhance consumer confidence and consumer protection in the PV retail sector. Improving PV Retail standards and compliance.
CEC Accredited installers
CEC Accredited Installers, Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale
These qualified local trades people have   extensive experience with home and commercial solar installations. As they live locally, service issues can be dealt with quickly and professionally.

Part of the local scene

Lakes Solar has a long term commitment to employing local trades people who are Clean Energy Council Certified.  This will give peace of mind to people who purchase products and know that the CEC guarantees are incorporated in the Lakes Solar Terms and Conditions.

This not only gives the best possible service but also ensure that local people are trained and equipped to cater for today's modern technology.

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