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Catch Power Diverters at Lakes Solar, in East Gippsland

CATCH power Diverters are for the cost conscious consumers who know that they are being ripped on their exported energy.  Rather than accept that insulting export tariff and make a few cents worth on it, heat your water, run your pool cleaner, or whatever strikes your fancy instead. What you use this way, will exactly equal the value of what you would be charged at that time normally- usually considerably more than if you were paid to export it.
Installed and serviced by local people, all with Clean Energy Council accreditation, Retailer and Installer - these cutting edge products will put your at the forefront of cost savings.

Peak and Off Peak:

Electricity from your supplier comes in two main flavours:

Peak Tariff: ~ 32c/kWh and 41c/kWh

Off Peak Tariff: ~ 14c/kWh to 18c/kWh

And there is you, with your

Feed-in Tariff: ~ 5c/kWh and 10c/kWh

It does not take an Einstein to figure out your are being highly underpaid for your contribution.  Given that the time of day you are likely to be exporting at 5c, anything you consume then, or later, could be from 41c to 14c, so it makes sense to use it yourself.  Diverting Power excess power form your Solar System to your own systems, eg hot water heating can be very advantageous.  (Data at August 2017).

Heating Hot Water with Catch

Solar, via Blue CATCH, is able to to heat an average of 85% of the hot water required through the year, i.e. use average of 15% of heating energy from the grid.  That can be a cost effective use of the surplus solar than exporting it to the grid.  On analysing a particular installation of CATCH with a 5kW array and four people in the home, the solar was able to supply 95% of the hot water energy needs via CATCH!  This is typical of homes with 5kW arrays or larger.

If you have a timer that switches your hot water heater on during the day to use your solar power, it will get caught out by the cloudy days as you water will end using power at the peak Tariff.  CATCH is smart and will use the off peak power the night before the cloudy day.

Using Catch Systems

CATCH can be installed as part of a new system or retrofitted to any existing solar powered system. The benefits of CATCH come from the intelligent algorithms set the task every day of saving you money and optimising your power usage.

 CATCH is designed, engineered and manufactured by us just down the road in Glen Innes, NSW.  We are very proud of the product and we will back it completely.  CATCH has a 5-year warranty.

 Graphs of Catch benefits to Solar users, at Lakes Solar, Easrt Gippsland

Green or Blue CATCH?

Green CATCH is internet independent and has a simple user interface dial to optimise your settings.  If you don't make selections, it will make intelligent changes to save your energy use from the grid.
Blue CATCH is highly intelligent and uses Internet weather data to forecast if you will need an off peak top up the night before.  The chances of a cold shower in the morning are nearly zero!!  And it optimises automatically throughout the year's seasons.
Catch Power Diverters at Lakes Solar, in East Gippsland
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