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VEEC Globe Exchange Campaign with Lakes Solar, East Gippsland

Free LED Upgrades

We can offer free 'no-obligation' quotes on VEET Lighting Upgrades. Lakes Solar is a local business and has partnered with Accredited Partner Wattly P/L to provide free lighting upgrades for the VEET Scheme. We are offering a free upgrade and installation, replacing your existing traditional incandescent light globes with equivalent light output, but Energy Saving LED globes. (Typically 80% of energy saved per globe) Now more of your globes are eligible for a free upgrade!

Identify Globes

Use the letter codes in the panels next to the image of your globes to fill out the request form below.  This will allow Lakes Solar to contact you about your eligibility for a an upgrade of your lighting under the conditions of the VEEC scheme.

Please take note of the base shape as well as the shape of the body and the Voltage that the lights operate on.

If you have already had your globes upgraded to compact fluorescent globes under the VEEC scheme you may not be eligible.  However LED offer such an advantage over CFG's you may wish to go ahead and pay for a swap yourself.

Starting in your high usage areas first will make significant savings.

Standard Globes (240V)

Edison Screw Fitting Globe

Down Lights (12V&240V)

12 V Halogen DownLight
240V Halogen Downlight

Reflector Globes (240V)

Spot Reflector Globe
240V Outside Reflector globe
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