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LED Lighting Systems

LED lights provide enormous savings over old technologies

Lakes Solar provides internationally renowned Sunny LED Lighting products for domestic, commercial and industrial settings. A full range of of internal lighting, downlight and highlighting, as well as exterior fittings. Installed and serviced by local people; these high light output, but low power consumption devices are a modern marvel and an essential first step to lowering your power consumption and their modern solid state technology gives a long life, and reduces maintenance and fire hazards, to mention just a few benefits.

Tngsten Halogen Phillips LED

FREE Exchange of Halogen

to new LED Downlights

Lakes Solar can exchange existing power hungry Halogen downlights with super efficient Phillips LED lighting for ZERO cost to the customer. Under the Victorian governments Energy Saver Initiative, residential and commercial properties are entitled to receive energy efficient LED downlights to replace old halogen downlights to assist in reducing your electricity bills. This is a Government Initiative where big Carbon polluters subsidise householders to save the carbon emissions for them by the householders installing technology that lets the big polluters claim the emissions reductions.

At the moment the subsidies cover the cost of replacing your globes completely. Sounds like a Scam??? Well it isn't. Make sure you contact Rob today to get onboard and get your Halogens converted to LED straight away. This is a bona fide offer from the State Government (VEET Scheme), get in now while it is working for you!!

Wattly Pty Ltd, (49 Dove St, Cremorne, VIC 3121) 1300 878 500, www.wattly.com.au is our partner Accredited Persons (AP) under Victorian VEET Scheme.

Phillips Halogen 2 LED Lighting
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Sunny LED Lighting Sunny LED Lighting Sunny LED Lighting
Quote: The Energy Saver Incentive (ESI) is also known as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme.
The scheme is helping Victorians cut power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by giving households and businesses access to discounted energy efficient products and services. The scheme works by setting a statewide target for energy savings that results in a range of energy efficient products and services being made available to homes and businesses at a discount.

Through the scheme, Victorian houses and businesses can access a range of energy efficiency products and services. Businesses that provide these services can generate Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates, which deliver incentives to households and businesses that choose to participate. The number of certificates generated is based on the greenhouse gas savings associated with the eligible product or service. Products must be professionally installed by an approved participating business. Incentives for the purchase of some appliances may be available at point of sale at participating retailers. Remember to always check with Green Energy Solutions before you make your purchase.

Energy retailers must meet an annual greenhouse gas emissions target through surrendering Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates. Retailer liabilities are created through the setting of greenhouse gas reduction rates to a level that enables the target to be met. The scheme is market-based and places a legal requirement on energy retail companies through the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007 and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations 2008.

The scheme is administered by the Essential Services Commission, which is the independent regulator of the retail energy industry in Victoria. Its role is to oversee compliance and performance reporting by energy businesses, and to accredit business and products and appliances which are eligible under the scheme. Source: VEET HomePage