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Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep your Solar System Panels in optimal condition

Lakes Solar is now providing a solar panel cleaning and electrical/structural integrity checking service. All our work is performed by qualified Electricians (experienced solar panel installers). GESV uses a unique, powerful, but panel friendly cleaning system.

Is your system OK? We understand the value of solar power as investment in your home. With any investment the proper cleaning and maintenance is required to maximise the efficiency and life of your solar system. Because most solar panel owners do not have the time or expertise to be on their roofs, they are unaware of the necessity for regular maintenance. As a result many solar service systems are not operating at their maximum efficiency.

Lack of regular maintenance/cleaning can lead to additional system problems, or void manufacturer, or installer warranties. Solar System owners are required by law to do a "Landing Test" annually to check it functions correctly under either accidental blackouts or planned power company disconnections.

Optimise your Financial Returns

Causes of Dirty or Damaged Panels:

After the cleaning you will be provided with a detailed maintenance report for your records covering the following areas -

Cost of Cleaning

Standard Solar System Cleaning, Inpection and Landing test:

1 kiloWatt $150
2 kiloWatt $160
3 kiloWatt $170
4 kiloWatt $180
5 kiloWatt $190

Ring now +61418434178, for your best solar performance. (Do it before your warranty runs out ).

Cleaning Solar Panel Systems

Frequently Asked Questions?

Aren’t Solar Panels Maintenance Free?
The electrical system has no moving parts, but the glass over the silicon cells will get dirty, and this lowers the ability of the panels to capture the light that makes your electricity. Plus vibrations from the wind can fatigue mounting screws and support frames.

Won’t the rain clean the glass?
Yes rain will wash some of the loose dust off, but other accumulated, caked-on debris such as bird droppings, lichens and environmental deposits will require periodic direct cleaning.

Why shouldn’t I just do it myself?
Apart from the obvious dangers involved of being on a roof with a hose and brush, the un-processed tap water will leave streaks and potential mineralisation.

Will the cleaning effect our stored rainwater?
Our unique cleaning system uses Purified Water which is 100% safe for our washing water, avoiding any chemical or detergent residues.

Will the cleaning void my warranty?
No alterations are required for the cleaning, and in fact, regular cleaning and inspection is the best way to safe- guard your warranty. Detection of potential problems before any warranty expires is essential. You may find our documentation will provide concrete evidence and greatly speed up any requested warranty service from your original installer.

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