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Solar Systems Require regular Servicing: For many it may be just the cleaning of the panels of the hot water system, or maybe the legal requirement of an Anti-Islanding Test on the Photo Voltaic System.  Lakes Solar is a Clean Energy Council Accredited Retailer and only employs Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers to carry out installations and maintenance of your system.  This high quality business support will give you peace of mind that your investment in alternative energy is safe hands. Lakes Solar can provide expert advice on how to extend or modify your existing system with a wide range of quality products.  Lakes Solar is a local company and uses qualified local trades people.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Lakes Solar can offer cleaning of your hot water and photo voltaic panels using a de-ionising system that eliminates the build up of calcium and other water borne minerals.  This system provides the highest quality water for the longest scum free operation.

Apricus and Rheem Hot Water at Lakes Solar, East Gippsland

Solar Maintenance

Lakes Solar is able to repair and upgrade your solar systems.  If you already have a solar system and need to invest in more equipment, then Lakes Solar can advise you on how to best upgrade and expand your system.

Bairnsdale Solar Installation by Lakes Solar

Keep up with the technological advances, choose Lakes Solar.

Anti-Island Test

Many people are not aware that if they have an inverter that is connected to their mains electricity, they are obliged to test the Anti-Islanding features of their system every three years and preferably annually.

Fronius, Enphase, Sonnen Batteries at Lakes Solar, East Gippsland
This is a requirement to protect your system and any people working on your system or connected systems.

Lakes Solar can provide expert assistance to make sure your system complies with Anti-Islanding regulations. Someone's life may depend on it!

Data Logging

Systems such as Fronius and Enphase have powerful remote monitoring capabilities that also allow you create long term logs of your system's performance.

If you feel your system is not performing as well as it could then these systems will allow Lakes Solar to analyse and make recommendations for your system.

Data Logging Solar at Lakes Solar, East Gippsland

Don't rely on your memory, use the scientific way to monitor and assess your system for maximum savings with both money and carbon. Choose a system with these advantages included.
Quotes and Site Assessment:  Rob is available to visit your home (at no charge or obligation) and work out out what you can save by installing a Solahart Energy Package. By entering some simple facts about your house energy use, and the value of the system you are interested in, the proven savings will be revealed to you, and you savings $$$!!

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