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 Voltage Regulator Systems: We believe everyone deserves affordable energy that doesn’t cost the earth.
Our electricity supplies from the grid are not constant, and at times they can fluctuate widely. Household solar power generation of electricity that is returned to the grid can also contribute to fluctuations in Voltage. If you have a lot of solar panels in your street expect the voltage to climb to 250+ volts on a sunny day, and maybe down to 220 volts overnight when the off peak hot water heaters kick in. This excessive variation can be stabilized these days with a Voltage Control System. These Regulators eliminate Voltage variation inside the house, and yet during the sunniest days ensure your maximum export of energy back into the grid.

Voltage Regulators

Legally the power companies can allow the voltages to houses to range between 220V to 270V, though these extremes are rarely seen, 230V to 260V is quite common. This occurs especially in areas where there is a high take up of household or industry solar generation.

The local voltages can be moderated by the power companies changing  transformer settings on the poles. However they cannot be doing this on an hour by hour, sunny day versus cloudy day basis.


The Edge Electrons eSaver+ enables constant voltage regulation which significantly improves solar exports, lowers household electricity consumption, therefore reduces your electricity costs and improves power quality and reliability.
Edge Electrons eSaver at Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale, Metung and Paynesville.
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Domestic Installations

Appliances that have regulated power supplies or work with thermostats will not be damaged. However more sensitive devices such as computers and televisions will be more reliable in the long run with a stable Voltage supply.  This means less wasted heat while running and less stress on critical electronic components.

Behind the meter Power Control at Lakes Solar, East Gippsland
Because the Voltage Regulator is behind the meter and setting a lower household voltage demand, it maximises your excess solar generated to be exported. Voltage Regulators do not incur any extra payments or regulation and are 100% compatible with Smart Meters.

Voltage Variations

The effectiveness of the Voltage Regulators can be seen below.
Voltage variation at Lakes Solar

It also protects older systems that might be dropping out because the Voltage required to export is too high for them to maximise power exported.
The Edge Electrons Compact High Efficiency Bi-directional AC-AC Voltage Regulator and Solar Optimizer is part of the Edge Electron’s Energy Saving and Power Quality and Range of Products. It is an Intelligent, Software driven, Automatic AC-AC Voltage CVR Regulator. The eSaver+ is specifically designed to be Bidirectional and boosts any Power applied at the Voltage Regulated Output back to the Input, eliminates Voltage Volatility and protects sensitive loads from voltage surges. The Edge Electrons eSaver+ enables constant voltage regulation which significantly improves solar yields, lowers electricity consumption, reduces electricity costs, improves power quality and reliability and helps protect the environment.

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