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Hot Water Systems

Start your energy and cost savings now!

Lakes Solar provides Rheem solar products for domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Installed and serviced by local people; solar hot water heaters can easily cut your heating bills and greatly reduce the overall household energy bill.

The Sun directly heats your water!

Solar hot water heaters are a proven performer in reducing your power bill as the heat from the sun directly replaces electricity you might otherwise use.

These modern systems are electronically controlled and your solar collector can be placed in the best position on your roof and still service the hot water tank.

How will I benefit?

Captures the sun's energy, saving you money, and only boosted by electricity when required, on either a night or day time tariff. In summer you may not need electricity boost at all !!!!


Servicing Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale, Orbost, Lake Tyers Beach, Breuthen, Metung, Paynesville, Nowa Nowa and their surrounding districts
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RHEEM Solar Hot Water Systems

A Warranty is Important!

Saving money requires quality products and installation if initial savings are not to be eroded by unexpected breakdowns caused by poorly made solutions.

Rheem products are made to the highest standards and backed by internationally known as a company that who stands by their products

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