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Rainwater Tanks

Collect your own water reserves!

Lakes Solar provides Round water tanks that offer the best value for money in water storage in a wide variety of sizes from 1000 to 24000 litres. Multiple tanks are easily connected together to increase storage capacity. Tanks up to 5500 Litres are supplied with a 25mm ball valve and multiple plugged outlets to suit most applications. Larger tanks are supplied with quality Australian made gate valves.

Polyethelene Tanks

Water tanks Lakes Solar1000 Round
Capacity - 1000 Litres
Diameter  - ø 825mm
Total Height 2080mm
Inlet Height 2080mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar2100 Round
Capacity - 2100 Litres
Diametef  -  ø 250mm
Total Haight 1850mm
Inlet Height 1830mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar2500 Round
Capacity - 2500 Litres
Diameter  -   ø 250mm
Total Height 2195mm
Inlet Height 2175mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar3500 Round
Capacity - 3500 Litres
Diameter  -   ø 1525mm
Total Height 2100mm
Inlet Height 2075mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar4020 Round
Capacity  -  4020 Litres
Diameter -  ø 1660 mm
Total Height 2120mm
Inlet Height 2100mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar5500 Round
Capacity  -  5500 Litres
Diameter -  ø 2000mm
Total Height 2050mm
Inlet Height 2000mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar10100 Round
Capacity  - 10100 Litres
Diameter -  ø 2400mm
Total Height 2530mm
Inlet Height 2405mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar24000 Round
Capacity  - 24000 Litres
Diameter  -   ø  3500mm
Total Height 3000mm
Inlet Height 2670mm

Slimline tanks suit limited space applications, and are a great option for people seeking an alternative look. All slimtine tanks are supplied with a 25mm ball valve and multiple plugged outlets to suit left or right hand installation and can be easily connected together to increase storage capacity.

Water tanks Lakes Solar2000 Slimline
Capacity - 2000 Litres
Depth - 895mm
Width - 1500mm
Height - 2050mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar2030 Slimline
Capacity - 2030 Litres
Depth - 600mm
Width - 2300mm
Height - 7010mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar2510 Slimline
Capacity - 2510 Litres
Depth - 800mm
Width - 1900mm
Height - 2150mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar3000 Slimline
Capacity - 3000 Litres
Depth - 800mm
Width - 2500mm
Height - 2150mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar3100 Slimline
Capacity - 3100 Litres
Depth - 775mm
Width - 2500mm
Height - 2135mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar4000 Slimline
Capacity - 4000 Litres
Depth - 900mm
Width - 2750mm
Height - 2150mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar2060 Slimline with Pump Recess
Capacity - 2060 Litres
Depth - 700mm
Width - 2000mm
Height - 2050mm
Water tanks Lakes Solar Water tanks Lakes SolarCartage water tanks provide a portable
 water storage solution, suitable for utilities
 or trucks.
Capacity - 2000 Litres
Length - I970mm
Width - 1530mm
Height - 955mm

Melro Tanks come with a 10 year guarantee. All tanks are manufactured using the finest grade UV stabilised polyethylene to ensure colour stability and long lasting durability.

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